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Terms and Conditions

Before using this site and its services please read these Terms and Conditions governing the use of the Site or any of its contents.

These "Terms of Website Use" is a contract offer, and compulsory for all parties to the Treaty. A person who doesn’t  in accordance with the terms of this Agreement is obliged to leave the site immediately, stop using it.

Any visitors action on the site: registration, filling out forms, the transition between pages means acceptance of  this Agreement by the User or visitor.


In this document, and flowing, or related relations, the following terms and definitions are used:

Website – Internet sites hosted in the domain tvois.com and its subdomains .

User – capable person that has accepted these terms in his own interest or acting on behalf of and in the interests of the represented legal entity that has been registered on the Site and is used by site after authorization under his login and password.

Visitor – a person who carries out viewing pages on the site without registration or without the entrance to the site.

Administration of this site – Site management, employees, founders and owners of the site.

Wedding services – all sorts of experts on the organization of the wedding party, as well as the sale or lease of wedding and evening dresses, accessories, etc .

Wedding album – set of photos, video information, information about the participants of the wedding party and its organizers, greetings, comments.

Service Page – Service description page of a single legal entity or individual entrepreneur, with reference to their basic contact information, announcements of its portfolio in the form of photographs and videos, ratings and comments from customers and partners, indicate its position on the map.

Portfolio – the page on which the user has within his level of access can post photos, video, talk about his work, receive comments from clients, partners, Users and Visitors.

Accessories – objects of wedding services that are offered to users within their level of access to rent or for sale.

Stories – Page all sorts of materials, articles of wedding themes that can be independently placed on the site, by users with access level «Gold» and above.

TVOIS-news – page announcing events, directly related to the activity «TVOIS.com» project: actions and events; Information about the organization and participation in exhibitions and fashion shows; introduction of new partners and employees; a notice of dismissal and termination of business relationships with employees and partners.

User Menu – a menu that is on the left top of the site under the name, the name of the User. User menu is automatically generated depending on which category and what level of access the user belongs. And became available after authorization on the site.

Feedback Form – the way of communication with Members Site Administration through the establishment of appropriate messages. Access to the feedback form via the menu item "Feedback" in the Information menu, which is in the lower right corner of every page of the Site.

Account to pay for the access level – account self-generated by the User on the site through the appropriate form, which specifies the payment method and currency of payment, details of the recipient and the sender of payment, term of validity of the account. Access to his accounts User receives via the menu item "My account" in the user menu.

In these conditions it may be used not only to the terms and definitions given above. In this case, the interpretation of the term is made in accordance with the text of the Terms. In the absence of a clear interpretation of the term should be guided by its interpretation of certain laws of Ukraine, as well as business practice and scientific doctrine.

General Terms

User's or visitors use of the Site in any manner and in any form within the limits of its functionality confirms that:

  • The user got acquainted with these Terms and Conditions in full before using the Website.
  • User accepts Terms in full, without any exceptions, reservations, restrictions, and agrees to comply with conditions.
  • If User do not agree to these Terms of partially or completely, he must immediately cease all use of the Site and leave it.

Terms become effective from the date of posting on the Site.

Terms can be changed by the Administration of a site without any notice.

Website is a communication platform for the placement of ads on the provision of services on the organization of a wedding celebration, reviews, comments, and suggestions. The site serves to get information about services, contact details of the persons and companies providing these services.

Website serves only as means of communication between the services that provide services in organizing weddings and their potential customers.

Website does not deal with the pricing policy conducted by agencies to provide services in the organization of weddings.

Any transactions between users are directly without the involvement of the Site.

All information contained in the submitted new listings, Comments, is publicly available.

User is strictly forbidden to disclose personal information (his or another individual) for administration of the Site, or anyone else using the Site if those personal data are not publicly available.

The site has registration of users. Registration Confirmation is conducted independently by users, by clicking on the link in the registration letter.

To provide personalized service for of a particular adequate the interests visitor with use maximum user experience when using our site uses cookies and anonymous user IDs. With this data it is impossible to identify the user's identity.

Any personal data of individuals  isn’t collected or processed on the site.

The main requirements to the information posted on the website

Online visitor has the opportunity to provide information to users of the Internet by adding wedding albums, announcements about the services at weddings, as well as the comments and feedback.

In the context of use or functionality of the Site, the user determines the degree of access to their personal data for other Internet users.

User accepts and agrees that in the case of placement of their personal data with the use of the Website, personal data is considered public.

The user is forbidden to provide information in violation of these Terms or the rights of third parties, in particular, information must not contain:

  • any materials calling for the violation of applicable international law, legislation of Ukraine and the host country of the User;
  • obscene and offensive language;
  • information, offending someone's honor, dignity or business reputation;
  • personal or identifying information about themselves and other persons without the express consent of these persons;
  • information that violates or infringes the rights of private property of third parties, trade secret, or right for privacy;
  • information containing slander and threats to someone else;
  • propaganda of hatred, violence, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, ethnic conflicts;
  • information leading to fraud, deception or abuse of trust;
  • viruses or any other technologies that may harm the Site, other visitors or users;
  • information about the services that are considered immoral, such as prostitution, usury and other forms contrary to morality or the law;
  • information representing a "spam," "messages of happiness," "pyramid schemes," or the undesirable or false commercial advertisements.

Placing ads

The user has the right to place ads on the site with an indication of the parameters of the services offered as part of his plan. By posting information about the service, the user confirms that he has the right to provide this service. The user guarantees that the services offered by them comply with the quality standards established by the law and are free from the claims of third parties.

The ad must not contain any personal information about an individual (name, address, personal phone, personal e-mail addresses and other information that might identify an individual). Information should be only a service that has no restrictions widespread.

User is obliged to provide accurate and complete information about the service in the organization of weddings. User is obliged to check all the information about the services available on the Site carefully , and, in the case of incorrect information, to correct the relevant information. If you cannot correct the wrong information, please refer to the Site Administration through the appropriate feedback form or remove the advertisement.

Do not place ads promoting the sale of other goods or services, different from the services related to weddings.

Website administration is not responsible for the content of user’s ads.

Ads are post moderated by Site Administration.

Site Administration has the right to make Changes to the text of the ad User related to spell check, do not affect the general meaning of the advertisement.

The Site Administration has the right to terminate the ad demonstration if user has registered the service in violation of the conditions or actions of enforcement of legislation, and if the ad has not been updated for more than two years.

Displaying, sorting advertisements

Site Administration «TVOIS.com» implemented display system, sorting ads from users.

Advertisements sorting system has two levels:

  • Number of views – the smaller the number of views the ad , the higher in the search results is displayed ads.
  • Older "from above" – "older" ads with an equal number of views will be displayed above the new. Because of this, all have fully equal and fair conditions for display.

Publication of reviews and comments

User is forbidden:

  • to place commercial materials in reviews, requests or comments;
  • to publish uninformative reviews or comments;
  • publish reviews about the company in which user is working.

The Site Administration reserves the right to remove any review or comment without explanation.

Payments and refunds

Site «TVOIS.com» – commercial project whose ultimate goal is to earn income from the sale of services on the arrangement of customers' business information of the project on the site, and the demonstration of this content freely available to all potential users on the Internet. To do this, on the Site is implemented multi-level access system, according to which, the user can use these or other advantages or limitations in providing their information on the project pages. All the benefits and limitations of users, depending on the tariff plan purchased fully displayed on the page "Access Levels". Also, the value of all of the access levels "Access levels" listed at the page bottom for all categories of users.

User can buy or renew access level, according to the chosen tariff plan, by clicking on the button with the specified value of the tariff plan at the bottom of the page "Access Levels", or by clicking on the appropriate link in your user menu.

Before payment of the selected access level, the user is obliged to read the page "Access Levels" carefully and specify only those parameters that they strictly comply with the selected tariff plan in the form of the creation of a bill for the access level.

In case if payment, was carried out in any way with plastic cards or User account on the Site Administration details without the user's knowledge, or the user forced to abandon the use of their chosen level of access for some reason, and the user informed Site Administration «TVOIS .com « about this in 14 fourteen days from the date of such payment, Site Administration have to to return the user to the details of its entire amount of this payment Account within three working days.

If user within fourteen days after the payment corresponding access level took advantage of this access level Site Administration considers Site services on the payment fulfilled and the amount of payment this level of access the user is not subject to return.

Notifications from the Site Administration

The user placing ads on the Site for the system (technical) information is obliged to provide the Site Administration valid office email address. Personal e-mail addresses are not suitable to communicate with the Site Administration.

The Site Administration reserves the right to contact the User through informational messages to office email address provided when placing ads. In the case of the reluctance of users to receive such messages, the user has the right to remove his ad from the site.

The Site Administration undertakes to use the service e-mail address only in the context of the functionality of the Site.

Rights and obligations

Using content, as well as any other elements of the site is possible only within the framework of functional site offers.

Quality, safety, legality and compliance services to their description, as well as the user's ability to provide or receive service are outside the control of the Site.

Site Administration cannot control the accuracy of the information posted by Users on the Site. The Site Administration does not assume any responsibility for the content posted on the Site advertisements, comments, reviews, or for any damages and losses caused by the use posted on the Site advertisements, comments and reviews.

Using the Site, the User confirms that he realizes, evaluates and takes all the risks associated with the use of advertisements displayed on the Site, and agrees that the Site is not responsible for the acts or omissions on the part of another User.

By using the Site, the User confirms that he is solely responsible for the content of his advertisements, comments, reviews, and has all necessary rights, licenses, permissions for placing information in the announcement on the Site.

The visitor or user can not conclude that the supply of services is valid and legal based on the fact of accommodation services on the Site.

The site is not an organizer and initiator of all transactions between users. The user assumes full responsibility for his actions.

All disputes and conflicts between visitors, users are solved by themselves without the involvement of the Site. If visitor or user has claims against other users on the use of the services of the Site visitor or User agrees to present these requirements independently and without interference from the Site, as well as relieve the administration of the site against all claims, liabilities, compensation for damages, losses, costs and costs.

The Site Administration undertakes to make all efforts for the proper performance of its obligations under these Conditions, including the proper operation of the Site.

Site Administration has the right to modify or discontinue the Site with or without notice to him, without incurring any liability for such changes or termination at any time.

The user has the right to submit complaints on the work of the site via the feedback form located at the bottom right information menu on every page of the Site, which will be reviewed within three working days from the date of their receipt. Entire dialogue on this request between the User and Site Administration user access through "My Messages" menu item in User Menu.

The user has the right to inform the Site of the fact of violation of his rights by another user, using the feedback form. In case of the validity of the User complaints Site Administration removes ad that violates the rights of the User.

Website administration is not responsible for any failure or difficulties in execution of obligations on providing access to the Site due to unforeseen circumstances, force majeure, the consequences of which cannot be avoided or overcome.

For registration is not allowed:

  • Companies that are relevant to network marketing and "pyramid" schemes.
  • Clubs, dating sites and dating agencies.
  • Companies offering intimate services and suggesting such.
  • Companies whose activities are in some way related to the production and / or broadcasting / relaying of erotic and / or pornographic photos, video, audio.
  • Religious sects and organizations providing services to the occult.
  • Companies that offer work through webcams, chat rooms, forums, e-mail processing, etc.
  • Companies that offer work through writing Student tests, and counseling about their writing.

Other terms

These Terms are governed and construed in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Issues unresolved in these Terms can be settled in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

If you have disputes and disagreements between the User and Site Administration (hereinafter – Parties) under these Terms or in connection with them, the Parties undertake to resolve them through negotiations. If any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of these Terms, or in connection therewith, including its performance, breach, termination or invalidity thereof, cannot be resolved through negotiations, these disputes are considered in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation in the courts.

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